Selling to business customers in China?

Manage your Value-Added Tax (VAT) obligations in China, online and in your language. Electronically record and track official invoices (fapiao) in one place. Reconcile and report your VAT online.

Manage Value-added tax invoices

Track your input & output VAT online

With Hypercurrent AcroVAT, you can manage VAT invoices issued to customers in China. Track you VAT Tax obligation with features specifically designed for China's fapiao and tax regime.

reduce costs & streamline processes

Reconcile VAT invoices to pro-forma sales

Import pro-forma invoices into AcroVAT and reconcile sales documents with official VAT invoices. Keep visibility and control over your tax cashflows.

ACCURATELY REPort vAT & Sales taxes

Online VAT software for China Compliance

AcroVAT is designed for businesses operating in China and includes unique features to stay compliant with Chinese sales tax regulations and reporting practices.

The dual language interface in AcroVAT allows us to actively manage our sales tax compliance in China. We find it much easier to collaborate with our local {Chinese} accountant even when our head office is located in Melbourne, Australia.

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